Timberkids is here to help as many children as we can.

Kids are our future, and helping as many children as we can is important to the hundreds of entrepreneurs who own and operate TIMBER MART stores across Canada. That’s why Timberkids is focused on giving to lots of smaller local charities rather than large national organizations – places where a few thousand dollars will make a real difference.

Our Dealer Donation Matching Program and Employee Time Matching Program allows TIMBER MART dealers and employees to make a greater impact every time they give back to childrens’ charities in their community.

How does Timberkids help?

Dealer Donation Matching Program
When a TIMBER MART Dealer makes a donation to a local registered children’s charity, Timberkids will match the donation, up to $4,000 per year.

Employee Time Matching Program
When a TIMBER MART employee volunteers their time at a local registered children’s charity, Timberkids will donate $250 for every 5 hours, up to
$500 per year.

Who does Timberkids help?

Timberkids will help local organizations that are focused on the health and well being of Canadian children. We strive to fund groups that are as inclusive as possible, make a grass-roots difference, and benefit the most children. We can only give to registered charitable organizations that benefit a public group or a large number of kids. As a result, we will not donate to individuals or families, groups with obvious secular or political agendas or affiliations, organized sports teams, or private schools.

Board of Directors

Jon Irwin TIMBER MART Member Services
Brandon Ford Albertsons Home Center
Alexandra Kazan TIMBER MART (Corporate)
Chantel Yarema TIMBER MART (Corporate)
Phil Otto Revolve
Jillian Sexton Hector TIMBER MART
Nicolas Couture Couture TIMBER MART
Kelley Scott Alexandria Moulding
Mitch Hamilton Cole’s TIMBER MART
Scott Norosky South End Lumber